Here's a preview of the free course:


In this free video class, renowned woodworker Will St. Clair will teach you how to carve a spatula safely,using FIVE key knife grips. These techniques will form an excellent grounding to help you get started in wood carving.

This course is part of our larger premium course Woodland Woodcarving.

What our students are saying:

"I have just started watching your free knife skills video. It is is lovely, I will be sharing the link with anyone who wants to start carving, it's so clear."

Becky F.

"The course was great, really lovely production standards which made it quite hypnotic to watch as well as informative."

Matthew B.

What tools will you need?

To do the course you will need a wood carving knife. They are affordable tools that will last a lifetime. 

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(over 18s only)