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    The Crochet Cardigan

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About this course

Crochet is a wonderfully calming way to make timeless, stylish clothes.

In this exclusive course and kit, MYOWNHANDS.CO has teamed up with the award-winning crochet designer and teacher Hannah Cross. She'll teach you to make a variety of garments, including her lovely Harris cardigan, sweater or sleeveless top. These timless, unisex designs make wonderful gifts for children, and you can make them in any size from newborn baby to adult XXL.

Hannah is a brilliant teacher and the course is packed with more than three and a half hours of pro tricks and tips. To get started, try our FREE sample lesson above.

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Available colours

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During the course you can learn to make either -

The Harris Cardigan

or The Harris Sweater

What's included in the course/kit?

You'll get lifetime access to Hannah's three-hour online crochet garment course plus all the materials you will need will be delivered to your door. To practice your stitches you'll get a 10mm crochet hook (USA - size D) and one ball of category 6 weight yarn. For the main project your will get a 5mm hook (USA - H) and category 4 weight yarn. Select the colour and garment size you want to make below and we will send you the yarn you need. If you are a beginner we suggest making the baby size (0-6 months) first as this is more manageable and requires only two balls of yarn.

Why learn from home?

Learning a new craft is amazing for our brains and our wellbeing, but we often find it too daunting and time-consuming to get started. With our specially-designed craft projects you can have everything you need delivered to your door with a couple of clicks and fit your creativity in around your other committments.

Can I do the course with a group?

Absolutely! Crochet is a wonderful way to spend quality time with friends and family. Order multiple kits and you get 20% off. For groups of more than five email us at hello@myown2hands.co for a special price.

Give this course as a gift

Our courses make wonderful presents. In order to gift one, simply buy the course yourself, then email us at hello@myown2hands.co to let us know the purchase is a gift. We will then enrol your recipient in the online course at a time of your choosing. You can choose to have the kit delivered either to yourself or the recipient.

About your teacher

Hannah Cross - AKA HanJan Crochet - is an award-winning crochet designer and teacher. Her work is regularly featured in publications such as Simply Crochet, Mollie Makes, The Crochet Foundry, Happily Hooked Magazine, Little Box of Crochet and many more. She loves designing easy garments that are accessible to make and wearable for everyone.

Lesson Plan


1. What we're going to make (2:54)

2. Tools and materials (4:05)


3. Understanding the pattern - it's easy! (3:11)

4. Learn the basic stitches (21:56)

5. The gauge swatch (19:06)

Making the Components

6. Making the back panel: Part 1 (19:41)

7. Making the back panel: Part 2 (22:38)

8. Making the back panel: Part 3 (11:43)

9. Making the sleeves (10:57)

10. Making the cardigan fronts: Part 1 (10:09)

11. Making the cardigan fronts: Part 2 (21:32)

Seaming Together

12. Blocking (6:45)

13. Seaming the sweater together (9:18)

14. Seaming the cardigan together (10:54)

15. Attaching the sleeves (9:45)

16. Seaming the sides (6:46)

Finishing Touches

17. Tying up loose ends (4:19

18. Attaching buttons (9:22)

19. Congratulations! (1:30)

Course FAQs

How do I watch the course?


The course is online so you can access it from your laptop, phone, tablet or any other device whenever you like. If you're on your mobile or tablet you can also watch it via our app, which is called Teachable.

How long do I have access for?


When you buy one of our courses you get lifetime access, which means you can watch it whenever you want and as many times as you want in future. This means you will always retain your new knowledge and skills.

How can I ask questions and get additional help during the course?


Our team are always on hand via email to help with any questions you may have.

Can I take the course if I live outside the UK?


Yes! Our courses are available globally.

What if I'm unhappy with the course?


If you are unsatisfied with your course in any way, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a refund. Our courses are also transferrable, which means that if you don't feel you have bought the right one for your skill level, we will advise you and then transfer you to the right product. We love helping our clients and we work closely with them to make sure they have the best possible experience with us.

Can I do the course with a friend?


If you want more than one copy, you get 20% off! Just send the email addresses of the other recipients to hello@myown2hands.co after purchase and we will get them set up straight away.

How much is the course in US dollars?


The course price in dollars will be calculated when you order based on the exchange rate of the day. The current exchange rate is 1.25 so the US price will be approxiately $59. Email us at hello@myown2hands.co if you have any further questions.