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  • Woodland Woodcarving - Whittling Course and Kit

    The ultimate beginner's guide to whittling freshly-cut wood into beautiful, useful objects.

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    Woodland Woodcarving

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Learn to whittle four lovely kitchen utensils from wood, and have all the tools and materials you need delivered to your door.


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About this whittling course and kit

If you want to learn to whittle freshly-cut wood into beautiful useful objects, this woodcarving course and kit is the perfect way to get started. You'll learn to make four lovely projects: a simple spatula, then a large cooking spoon, then a small eating spoon and finally a lovely coffee scoop. Wood blanks for each project are included, but you'll also learn how to source and harvest your own wood so you can continue your journey. It includes lifetime access to our 4-hour online spoon carving course, plus all the tools and wood you need will be delivered to your door. These kits make great gifts and are lovely to do in a group. Buy more than one and you'll get 20% off.

Here's a preview of what you'll learn to make:

What's included in this course

This course has been specially produced by our team of BAFTA and EMMY-winning filmmakers.
Here's a list of what you'll learn to make:
whittling kit - spatula

The spatula

For your first course project, you'll learn how to turn a log into this simple but elegant spatula. Along the way you'll learn about the importance of wood grain and some basic knife and axe techniques.
whittling kit - cooking spoon

The cooking spoon

For your second project you'll move on to this slightly more complex cooking spoon. here you'll learn about using a bent 'crook knife' to hollow out the bowl. This spoon is lovely for dishing up plates of stew.
whittling kit - eating spoon

The eating spoon

In this more delicate project you'll learn how to put a graceful bend or 'crank' into the spoon to make it easier to eat with. Eating with wooden utensils when you're out in the woods is one of life's lost pleasures. We guarantee you'll love it.
whittling kit - coffee scoop

The coffee scoop

You'll finish off the course by combining all your new skills to make this useful coffee scoop. Once you've completed the course you'll have enough knowledge to take on any green wood carving project.
whittling kit

What's included in the kit

In the kit you will receive:
  • Beavercraft carving knife - handmade in Ukraine.
  • Beavercraft crook knife for hollowing out spoons.
  • A canvas bag to store your tools.
  • A leather sharpening strop and sharpening paste.
  • Four wood blanks ready for carving - one for each project.

Meet your teacher

This course is taught by the marvellous Will St Clair. Will has spent years living at the Woodland Makers Workshop in Herefordshire where he teaches woodworking full time. The workshop is set in its own woodland and all the wood they use is harvested sustainably on site. As well as spoons and bowls, Will also makes wonderful furniture.

Meet Will St Clair:

What our students are saying

"The course was great, really lovely production standards which made it quite hypnotic to watch as well as informative."

Matthew B.

"I couldn't believe how much is crammed into this course, it's such good value and it really helped me get started. I'm loving filling my house with things I've made myself."

Alice T.

"Since I got this course I feel like I've made a lot of progress in my carving. Will has a very logical approach that you can use to make lots of different types of spoons. He's a great teacher.'

Amy B.

Why take up green woodcarving?

Green wood carving is the art of carving freshly cut wood, which still has the moisture in it, with sharp hand tools. Freshly cut wood is softer and easier to carve, which means it can be worked fairly easily with tools that you can carry in your backpack. Its softness also means it’s ideal for beginners to work with. If you work green wood with sharp tools you can create a lovely smooth faceted finish without having to use sandpaper, giving the finished piece a great handmade look.

Who is this course for?

This bundle is perfect for anyone who wants to combine a love of the outdoors with a love of making stuff. You'll get better with yourhands and experience the sense of wellbeing and satisfaction that comes with it. You'll also learn to carve variety useful spoons and utensils. You don't need any prior experience to do this course but you will need to concentrate and work carefully.

Lesson plan - this course contains more than four hours of expert tuition:


1. Welcome to the course

2. Tools

3. The right wood for green wood for carving

4. Understanding wood grain

The Spatula

5. Getting started

6. Working safely with the axe

7. Roughing out the shape

8. Working safely with the knife

Tool Sharpening

9. Sharpening the straight knife

10. Sharpening the axe

11. Sharpening the spoon knife

The Cooking Spoon

12. Getting started

13. Preparing the billet

14. Roughing out the shape with the axe

15. The knife

16. Shaping the handle

17. Carving out the bowl

18. Finishing your spoon

The Eating Spoon

19. Getting started

20. Preparing the billet - adding crank

21. Axing the crank

22. Cutting out the profile

23. Refining the shape with the knife

24. Shaping the bowl and neck

25. Finishing the eating spoon

The Coffee Scoop

26. Introduction

27. Preparing the billet

28. Carving the profile

29. Carving the bowl

30. Finishing the coffee scoop

Course FAQs

When does the course start?


The course is online and you can access it at your own pace whenever you like.

How do I watch the course?


You can watch the course online through any browser. If you're on your mobile or tablet you can also watch it via our app, which is called Teachable.

How long do I have access for?


When you buy one of our courses you get lifetime access from any device you own!

Can I take the course if I live outside the UK?


Yes! Our courses are available globally.

What if I'm unhappy with the course?


We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with the course in any way, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a refund.

Give this course as a gift

In order to gift one of our courses, simply buy the course yourself, then email us at hello@myown2hands.co to let us know the purchase is a gift. We'll send you a unique coupon code and access instructions that you can send on to your loved one.