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About this course and kit

If you want to learn to weave with willow but you don't feel quite ready to take on your first basket then this course and kit is the perfect choice. You'll get lifetime access to Mollie Mcmillen's lovely 3-hour online course, plus all the materials you need will be delivered to your door!

During the course you'll learn to make three lovely beginner projects - a willow star with fairy lights, a willow heart (great for learning how to make willow bend without breaking it) and a beautiful Catalan tension tray. Each project will teach you a specific new skill that you will use when you come to make your first basket. You'll also learn how to prepare the willow for weaving, how to select the right rods and a whole host of other vital skills. Check out the course trailer above.

What's included in the kit?

  • A bundle of about 130 high-quality willow weaving rods (enough to weave all three projects with a bit extra left over).
  • A soaking bag - your willow will need to be soaked for a couple of hours before you weave it - full instructions are included.
  • Wire ties for holding your willow in place while you are weaving.
  • Fairy lights to decorate your star.

What's included in the online course?

This online course contains over three hours of expert instruction leading basketmaker and teacher Mollie McMillen. You can access the course from any device by logging into our website (we will provide you with login details after purchase). Our courses are produced by our BAFTA-winning team of filmmakers which means they are cleary presented and well thought out. Students get the right piece of information at the right time, which means they get great results. Plus we are always on hand to answer questions.


When you buy one of our courses you get lifetime access, which means you can watch it whenever you want and as many times as you want in future. This means you will always retain your new knowledge and skills.

What else do I need?

The only tool you need to do this course is a pair of garden secateurs. Any will do.

Why learn from home?

Learning a new craft is amazing for our brains and our wellbeing, but we often find it too daunting and time-consuming to get started. With our specially-designed craft projects you can have everything you need delivered to your door with a couple of clicks so you can fit your creativity in around your other committments.

Can I do this course with a friend?

Our courses are great to do in a group! If you would like more than one kit, just select the number you would like at checkout. After purchase, send the email addresses of the other recipients to hello@myown2hands.co and we will get them set up to view the course straight away.

If you would like 5 kits or more, send us an email and we will offer you a special price!

Can I give this course as a gift?

Our courses make wonderful presents. In order to gift one, simply buy the course yourself, then email us at hello@myown2hands.co to let us know the purchase is a gift. We will then enrol your recipient in the online course at a time of your choosing. You can choose to have the kit delivered either to yourself or the recipient.


We aim to ship every order within 24 hours and delivery takes 2-3 days.

What our customers are saying

"I absolutely loved this course and kit. I did it with my daughter and we both really enjoyed it. Now we both want to learn to make a basket!"

Emma D. via email.

"Got so much out of this course. It's great value for money because you get to make three projects and each one teaches you new stuff...Would definitely recommend."

During the course you'll learn to make a willow star with fairy lights

A willow heart

And a Catalan tension tray - great for serving sandwiches or resting hot pans.

Course and kit FAQ

How do I watch the course?

You can watch the course online through any browser. If you're on your mobile or tablet you can also watch it via our app, which is called Teachable.

How can I ask questions and get additional help during the course?

Our team are always on hand via email athello@myown2hands.coto help with any questions you may have.

Can I take the course if I live outside the UK?

At the moment we can only deliver kits within the UK, the online course can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

If you are unsatisfied with your course in any way, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a refund. Our courses are also transferrable, which means that if you don't feel you have bought the right one for your skill level, we will advise you and then transfer you to the right product. We love helping our clients and we work closely with them to make sure they have the best possible experience with us.