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  • Basket Weaving - FREE Video Course for Beginners.

    If you'd love to learn willow basket weaving but aren't sure where to get started - look to further.  We're giving away a free willow weaving course with leading basketmaker and teacher Amanda Rayner.

    Basket weaving kit

Willow basket weaving is one of the fastest growing crafts in the UK. It uses natural, sustainably grown materials and you'll learn to make beautiful objects that you can use everyday.  Like with any craft, it can feel a bit daunting getting started. With this in mind we've decided to offer you a free video lesson from our Shopping Basket course and kit. Our kits are a great way of learning because you get lifetime access to one of our beautifully produced online courses, plus all the materials you need are sent straight to your door. This lesson is about 20 minutes long and you'll learn how to weave a round basket base, which is core skill for new basket makers. Click below to watch. 


If you'd like to learn to weave amazing baskets from home and have all the materials you need delivered to your door, check out our range of basketry courses and kits. We offer variety of projects from complete beginner to advanced that let you learn from home at your own pace, without having to book time away to do a course. 

To find out why learning to do something with your hands is so good for your wellbeing, check out our recent blog post with American Neuroscientist Dr. Kelly Lambert. 

We hope you enjoyed your free course and we can't wait for you to start your weaving journey with us.

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